Advanced Electrical Safety

Course Duration

40 hours, 5 -day training workshop


The Advanced Electrical Safety Course aims to provide participants with the skills and knowledge on sources of electrical hazards and control, requirements on inspection and testing of electrical safety equipment, safety procedures and methods, grounding and bonding of electrical systems and equipment, relationship of electrical maintenance and safety, regulatory requirements and standards on safety, accident prevention, investigation and first aid, electrical trauma, safety procedures in low, medium and high voltage, human factors in safety, safety management and organizational structure and safety training methods.

Course Content

  1. Diagnostic Examination (Short)
  2. Introduction to Construction Safety Program
  3. Hazards of Electricity
    1. Hazard Analysis
    2. Shock, Arc, Blast, Causes and Protective Strategies
  4. Basic Physics of Electrical Hazards
  5. Electrical Safety Equipment
  6. Review of Learnings and Application
  1. Diagnostic Examination (Short)
  2. Safety Procedures and Methods
    1. Six Step Safety Method
    2. Job Briefings
    3. Energized of De-energized
    4. Safe Switching of Power Systems
    5. Energy Control Programs
    6. Lockout-Tagout (Control of Hazardous Energy)
    7. Voltage Measurement Techniques
    8. Placement of Safety Grounds
    9. Barriers and Warning Signs
    10. Tools and Test Equipment
    11. Field Marking of Potential Hazards
    12. The One-Minute Safety Audit
  1. Diagnostic Examination (Short)
  2. Grounding and Bonding of Electrical Systems and Equipment
    1. General Requirements
    2. System Grounding
    3. Equipment Grounding
  3. Electrical Maintenance and Safety
    1. Reliability Centered Maintenance
    2. Eight-Step Maintenance Program
    3. Frequency of Maintenance
    4. Condition Based Maintenance
    5. Maintenance Requirements for Specific Equipment and Locations
    6. Electrical Safety by Design
  4. Regulatory Safety Requirements Resources
  1. Diagnostic Examination (Short)
  2. Accident Prevention, Accident Investigation, Rescue and First Aid
  3. Medical and Statistical Updates of Electrical Trauma
  4. Human Factors in Electrical Safety
  5. Safety Management and Organizational Structure
  6. Safety Training Methods and Systems
  1. Diagnostic Examination (Short)
  2. NFPA 70E, Arc Flash and Calculation Summary
  3. Low Voltage Safety Review
  4. Medium and HIgh Voltage Safety Review
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