Course Duration

48 hours, 6-day training workshop

Course Inclusive

Training materials & certificate of completion

Course Description

A Kaizen-6 Sigma Green Belt is a Kaizen practitioner who is disciplined in Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) problem-solving methodology and skilled in problem-solving tools and techniques. These include the use of statistical techniques in problems, analysis, and solutions. S/he is capable of mentoring/leading Kaizen-Sigma teams and provide technical expertise at any phase of the problem-solving process. The Kaizen-6 Sigma Green Belt is capable of assisting Black Belts in big Kaizen-Sigma projects. The three (3) basic training or courses that one should go through before becoming a Kaizen-6 Sigma Green Belt are the following:

  1. Basic Six Sigma (B6S)
  2. Basic Kaizen-6 Sigma Statistics (BST1)
  3. Problem-Solving Process & Tools (PPT)

Course Content

  1. Basic Six Sigma (B6S)

    The Basic Six Sigma is an introductory course for kaizen and six sigma practitioners. This course has the potential to earn the participant 20 points under the Kaizen-6 Sigma Green Belt System which is a scheme to provide 6 sigma and statistical skills for kaizen problem-solving team members and leaders.

    This training imparts the fundamental concepts and mental framework under Six Sigma. The facilitator will walk the participants to the whole 6 Sigma journey from understanding critical to quality requirements, developing operational definitions for data collection, the mechanics of DMAIC problem solving process, sigma scoring system, and certain important statistical techniques to name a few.

    The necessity to employ statistical approaches is emphasized owing to the intention of six sigma system to attain the highest level of quality and precision in process management linked to financial success of the company.

    Six Sigma provides for process improvement design that allows products to perform with the highest chances of success i.e., 99.99976% or 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

    Objectives: A successful participant would be able to:

    1. Discuss and articulate the fundamental concepts, methodology, tools and disciplines of Six Sigma;
    2. Interpret quality issues from statistical data;
    3. Apply the DMAIC process in a test project to address quality problems;
    4. Apply the fundamentals of 6 Measures & Scoring System; and
    5. Qualify to earn 20 points in Kaizen-6 Sigma Green Belt program.

  2. Basic Kaizen 6-Sigma Statistics (BST1)

    The job of a Kaizen-6 Sigma Green Belt is to lead Kaizen-Sigma Project Teams or assist Black Belts in major Kaizen-Sigma projects. This requires him/her to be proficient in data gathering and data presentation. S/he is also required to mentor project team members in process observations, data recording, data analysis and interpretation. This course on Basic 6 Sigma Statistics equip the Kaizen-6 Sigma Green Belt practitioner with the fundamental statistical concepts, tools and techniques to be able to lead and mentor his/her Kaizen-Sigma Team to an effective problem-solving and design process.

    It imparts the fundamentals of probability and statistical essential for gathering, processing and analysis of data. This course earns the participant 20 points credit for Kaizen-6 Sigma Green Belt Certification.

    Objectives. This 2-day training will allow a successful attendee to be able to:

    1. Elucidate the basic concepts, tools and techniques of probability and statistics and their relationship with one another;
    2. Perform basic data sampling and data processing techniques; and
    3. Develop a discipline for data-driven decision making on projects and designs.

  3. Problem Solving Process & Tools (PPT)

    This workshop imparts simple and easy yet effective tools and techniques in problem solving. Years of experience and observation of Kaizen consultants have proven that these tools and techniques can easily be learned by just about anyone, technical or non-technical. The teaching methodology was designed for easy understanding and application. The participants will have the opportunity to apply the learning on actual problems they are facing back where they work. In the end they will be equipped with a logical sequence of problem-solving process from beginning to end known as the Kaizen Story. It is a basic course for Kaizen-6 Sigma Green Belt earning 20 credit points for the participant.

    Objectives: In this 2-day workshop, the participants will be able to:

    1. discuss and articulate the concept of process waste;
    2. identify clearly a problem;
    3. draw a flowchart showing the problem-creating process;
    4. use a cause and effect diagram to identify the most probable causes;
    5. validate the most probable causes using checksheets, histograms, Pareto analysis, and scatter diagrams;
    6. formulate solutions and implementation and evaluation plans.
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