Leaders Awakening Workshop Overview

Course Duration

24 hours, 3-day training workshop

Course Inclusive

Training materials & certificate of completion

Course Description

What is Leaders Awakening Workshop?

We believe that there is a leader deep inside you.

This experimential seminar will allow you to have a better relationship with yourself and with people around you. Raise your level of awareness so you can be more responsible with your life and get better results in terms of your health, relationships, wealth, and overall life purpose.

The truth is that 95% of who you are today is a result of your experiences from ages 0 to 18 years old. How your parents, teachers and friends taught, influenced and treated you has a major impact to your life and your results today; these results could either be positive or negative.

In this workshop, we are going to take care of all important areas of your life that you may have overlooked. From this, you can now strive to make things better.

You deserve better! Step up and awaken the very best version of yourself.

You are a LEADER! The world needs YOU!

Course Content

  1. The Process of Leadership Transformation
  2. How to Reach Your Next Level (In terms of Health, Relationships, Wealth, and Overall Happiness)
  3. Understanding Programming, Conditioning, and Belief Systems
  4. The Single Most Effective Communication Technique
  5. Nurturing Relationships at Home and at your Workplace
  6. Why the Law of Attraction is Incomplete and what to do about it
  7. Causes of Stress, its adverse effects, and How to Avoid it
  8. Rebuilding Your Self Confidence
  9. Honoring Agreements and Commitments
  10. Tools to Achieve your Dreams Fast

The Leaders Awakening Workshop is not your usual seminar that you only listen to the speakers the whole day. This is an experiential seminar where you will participate in activities and exercises to further make your learning deeper. The whole day is an intellectual and emotional rollercoaster wherein you can get in touch of your true self and get to know more who you truly are.

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