Strategic Management

Course Duration

16 hours, 2-day training workshop


Face to face training or online training

Course Inclusive

Training materials & certificate of completion

Course Objective

  1. To teach the process of strategic management; formulation-implementation-evaluation, and the underlying concepts, steps, and sub-processes involved in each stage.
  2. To develop their capability to think strategically about a company; its present business position; its long-term directions, its resources and competitive capabilities; its opportunities for gaining sustained competitive advantage, its competitive environment, and its strategic options.
  3. To provide them with a strong understanding of the competitive challenges of a global market environment.
  4. To give them hands-on experience in crafting business strategy, reasoning carefully about strategic options using what-if analysis to evaluate various alternatives, and making focused decisions.
  5. To acquaint them with the managerial task associated with implementing and executing company strategies, and drill them in the range of actions managers can take to promote competent strategy execution, and give them some confidence in being able to function effectively as part of a company’s strategy –implementing team.

Course Outline

  1. The Nature of Strategic Management

    1.1 The Theory of Busines
    1.2 Leadership, Strategies and Competitiveness Advantages
    1.3 Strategic Management Process

  2. The Business Vision and Mission
  3. The External Assessment

    3.1 Competitive forces that shapes strategic Management
    3.2 Opportunities and threats – Analyzing the external environment
    3.3 Assessing Industry attractiveness and the competitive environment

  4. The Internal Environment

    4.1 Competencies and profitability – Analyzing internal resources
    4.2 Matching Firm capabilities with opportunities

  5. Establishing Objectives

    5.1 Building Competitive advantage thru distinction
    5.2 Strategies into action

  6. Various Strategies

    6.1 Strategies at functional level
    6.2 Strategies at Business Level
    6.3. Strategies at Global level
    6.4 Corporate Diversification Strategies
    6.5 Strategic Analysis and Choice

  7. Strategic review, Evaluation and Control

    7.1 Balance Scorecard as a Strategic Management system
    7.2. Organizing and Learning to sustain advanta

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