Work-Life Balance in Organization: Time and Stress Management at Work

Course Duration

hours, -day training workshop

Course Inclusive

Training materials & certificate of completion

Course Description

This learning module covers important aspects of maintaining work-life balance among members of organization across ranks and positions. More specifically, this module aims to target two critical competencies relevant to well-being at the workplace: [1] Time Management – the ability to plan and exercise conscious control of time expenditure to certain activities, and the competency to prioritize and perform tasks effectively and efficiently; and [2] Stress Management – the ability to cope with stress brought about by work pressure and expectations. This includes awareness of one’s condition and ability to maintain composure amidst demanding circumstances.

ENTRY COMPETENCIES of Participants (Prerequisites)

All Employees (Participants from all ranks - RF/Supervisors/Managers/AVPs and up; Departments may include Accounting, Treasury, HR, Financial Analysis, Audit, Risk, Procurement).

Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes

This Learning Module aims to:

  • Develop one’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of maintaining work-life balance not only for individuals but also for the entire organization.
  • Harness one’s ability in planning and exercising conscious control in accomplishing tasks effectively and efficiently despite time constraints through time-management skills.
  • Improve one’s ability in coping with work and personal life pressures and expectations through stress-management skills.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Module, participants should be able to successfully:

LO1. Discuss and Explain the concept of work-life balance and its relevance in maintaining well-being of individuals and stability of organizations.

LO2. Apply the fundamental principles and good practices of time-management.

LO3. Demonstrate healthy responses to work stress brought about by complex sources of pressures and expectations.

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