Personal Finance Course

Course Duration

8 hours, 1-day training workshop


Face to face training or online training

Course Inclusive

Training materials & certificate of completion

Course Content

Part 1 - Understanding Personal Finance

  • The Building Blocks to Achieving Personal Financial Success
  • The Economy Affects Your Personal Financial Success
  • Think Like an Economist When Making Financial Decisions
  • The Time Value of Money: Setting Peso Values on Financial Goals
  • Make Smart Money Decisions at Work
  • Where to Seek Expert Financial Advice

Part 2 – Financial Statements, Tools and Budgets

  • Financial Values, Goals, and Strategies
  • Financial Statements Measure Your Financial Health and Progress
  • Financial Ratios Assess Your Financial Strength and Progress
  • Reaching Your Goals Through Budgeting: Your Spending/Savings Action Plan

Part 3 - Managing Checking and Savings Accounts

  • Interest-Earning Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Electronic Money Management
  • The Psychology of Money Management

Part 4 - Building and Maintaining Good Credit

  • Reasons For and Against Using Credit
  • Obtaining Credit and Building a Good Credit Reputation
  • Sources of Consumer Loans
  • Dealing with Over indebtedness

Part 5 - Managing Property and Liability Risk

  • Risk and Risk Management
  • Understanding How Insurance Works
  • Homeowner's Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance

Part 6 - Life Insurance Planning

  • How Much Additional Life Insurance Do You Need?
  • There Are Only Two Basic Types of Life Insurance
  • Understanding Your Life Insurance Policy

Part 7 - Investment Fundamentals

  • Starting Your Investment Program
  • Discover Your investment Philosophy
  • Identify the Kinds of Investments You Want to Make
  • Risks and Other Factors Affect the Investor's Return
  • Establishing Your Long-Term Investment Strategy

Part 8 - Investing in Stocks, Bonds and Crypto

  • The Role of Stocks and Bonds in Investments
  • The Major Characteristics of Common Stocks
  • How to Evaluate Stock Values
  • Buying and Selling Stocks
  • Investing in Bonds
  • Cryptocurrency trading and NFTs

Part 9 - Investing Through Mutual Funds and UITFs

  • Why Invest in Mutual Funds?
  • Fund Objectives, Types, and Characteristics
  • Mutual Fund Investing Fees and Charges
  • Selecting Funds in Which to Invest

Part 10 – Retirement planning

  • How much do we need to save for retirement?
  • Personal Equity Retirement Account (PERA)

Part 11 – Myths and Truths about Money

Part 12 – 7 baby steps to take control of your finances

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