Spreadsheet Accounting

Course Duration

24 hours, 3-day training workshop


Face to face training or online training

Course Inclusive

Training materials & certificate of completion


Recording the financial transactions of its business, (with a minimum of data inputting), Preparing financial statements direct from the financial records ( compliant with IFRS for SMEs ), Preparing semi-monthly time-based payroll, (with inputs for bonus computation and individual pay annualization), Preparing tax forms (with inputs direct from financial records). More importantly, you will be ready to do your spreadsheet recording and reporting.

Course Content

  1. Regular Business Cycle
  2. Planning and budgeting cycle
  3. Revenue and collection cycle
  4. Purchase and disbursement cycle
  5. Other business cycle
    1. The Accounting Cycle
  6. Input – analyzing and documenting
  7. Processing – journalizing and posting to ledgers [general ledger and subsidiary ledgers]
  8. Output – preparing the trial balance, adjusting and closing; preparing reports
  9. Subsidiary accounts
  10. Types of organizations
  11. Single proprietorship
  12. Partnership
  13. Corporation
  1. Rules in Preparing the Chart of Accounts
  2. Rules in Preparing the Books of Accounts
  3. Registration of Books of Accounts (when, where, how much)
  4. Activity (Group on the basis of the nature of business; maximum of 3 participants per group)

Rules in Recording Financial Transactions

  1. Rules in Preparing a Time-Based Payroll
  2. Preparing the Payroll Worksheet
  1. Closing at month end the books of accounts
  2. Rules in Preparing the Financial Statements
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