Digital Marketing Module 2

Course Duration

8hours, 1-day training workshop


Face to face training or online training

Course Inclusive

Training materials & certificate of completion

Course Content

Module 2:
Title:  “Beyond Social Media: Facebook is not enough”

When a company decides to conceptualize and develop a digital marketing campaign; the first thing that comes to mind is Social Media. But the constant changing of rules of Social Media strategy, leaves us at the mercy of these internet giants, - namely Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. How do we have more control over our online assets and how do we expand our presence online so that we can move beyond social media? How does Intent, Search and the overall landscape of e-commerce and m-commerce contribute to a customer’s path to purchase?

  1. Do I need a website for my business or is a Facebook page enough? – Learn why the website is the most crucial element in building a brand’s online presence. Know how brands are able to maximize their content marketing strategies through websites.
Supplementary Videos:
  1. Live to Feel Campaign Microsite for Blu’e
  2. #ANNEderams Campaign Microsite for Belo
  3. How to create content strategy for online publishers? - Familiarize yourself with the most influential online publishers and discover how brands are able to take advantage of their reach in order to create content that’s relevant to the target audience.
  4. Search (SEM and SEO) – What is the role of search in my consumer’s path to purchase? When do you Search Engine Optimization and when do you use Search Engine Marketing?
Supplementary Videos:
  1. Google Evolved
  2. How Search Works
  1. Welcome to Google Adsense
    1. How Keyword Bidding Works
    2. Display Advertising (Google Display Network, Programmatic Buying, Display advertising on Apps, introduction to Big Data) – What are the different advertising opportunities online and how do you determine if it’s the right advertising platform for you?
Supplementary Videos:
  1. Big Data for Smarter Customer Experiences
  2. The Programmatic Primer
  3. E-commerce (What is the state of e-commerce in the Philippines? What are the local brands that are taking advantage of e-commerce? How has e-commerce evolved globally? What are the key considerations when getting into e-commerce?
  4. Mobile Marketing – What are the different mobile technologies that I can take advantage of in order to address my brand’s marketing objectives. Do I need an SMS Blast strategy?
Supplementary Videos:
  1. Layar Creator  - Augmented Reality
  2. Magnum Augmented Reality with Rogue Magazine
  1. Tesco/Homeplus – Subway Virtual Store
    1. What is the Internet of Things?
    2. Email Marketing - What is the role of email marketing in customer relationship management? What are the best practices?
Supplementray Videos:
  1. Netcore Email Marketing best practices
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