Environmental Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Reporting (“EIA 101”)


This course covers the conceptual framework, use, processes, techniques and methodologies in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Monitoring and Reporting.


(Prerequisites): Any graduate of Engineering or Science courses who currently have environmental management and related responsibilities and those who intend to pursue related career.


At the end of the course, the participants shall be able to:

  1. Appreciate the importance / usefulness of Environmental Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Reporting
  2. Understand the conceptual framework, use and processes of EIA in the context of the requirement of the Philippine Government and development partners
  3. Understand the basic principles in the preparation of reports on the assessment and monitoring of environmental impacts in the context of the requirements of the Philippine Government
  4. Identify the relevance of the learnings in his/her line of work and the career

*EVALUATION by the CPD PROVIDER: If course offered requires skills training, a checklist of steps of the procedure is expected listing the steps, columns for done or not done; passing rate (e.g. if participant achieves _____% minimum of crucial steps in procedure, is this considered passing?). PROVIDER determines how much percentage will be considered passing. Will remedial course be offered so that the participant who fails can eventually complete and pass the evaluation and thereby receive a certificate of completion for course offering? When and how many chances will the participant be given?

PURPOSE of Evaluation by the CPD PROVIDER is to check if the participant achieved the learning outcomes intended. CPD Provider has to ensure confidence in the program that it designed. If the evaluation of the outcomes is not properly done, then the CPD program is considered weak or poor. It is the responsibility of the CPD Provider to ensure that the participant achieved learning outcomes through the use of proper evaluation tools. Self-evaluation by the participant (did you learn from this program) is not sufficient proof of having achieved learning outcomes.

While the CPD Provider needs to evaluate its own program for future planning, this is not the evaluation tool for the learning outcomes intended.

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