Responsive Outcome-Based Online Training for the New GE Curriculum


A Teaching and Learning material for the New General Education courses that focuses on the activities (discrete tasks) which provide opportunities to students for the demonstration of the intended learning outcomes of the course. A Teaching and Learning material ideal for Blended-Approach (Flipped Classroom) that promotes Self-Regulated Learning and Learning-Beyond the Textbook (LBT).

Course Content

  • Understanding the self
    • The course deals with the nature of identity as well as the factors and forces that affect the development and maintenance of personal identity.

  • The Contemporary World
    • This course introduces students to the contemporary world by examining the multifaceted phenomenon of globalization.

  • Readings in the Philippine History
    • Philippine History viewed from the lens of selected primary sources in different periods, analysis and interpretations. The course aims to expose students to different facets of Philippine history through the lens of eyewitnesses.

  • Life and Works of Rizal
    • As mandated by Republic Act 1425. This course covers the life and works of the country's national hero, Jose Rizal. Among the topics covered are Rizal's biography and his writings, particularly the novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, some of his essays, and various correspondences.

  • Purposive Communication
    • Purposive Communication is a three-unit course that develops students' communicative competence and enhances their cultural and intercultural awareness through multi-modal tasks that provide them opportunities for communicating effectively and appropriately to a multicultural audience in a local or global context.

  • Art Appreciation
    • Art Appreciation is a three-unit course that develops students' ability to appreciate, analyze, and critique works of art.

  • Mathematics in the Modern World
    • This course deals with nature of mathematics, appreciation of its practical, intellectual, and aesthetic dimensions, and application of mathematical tools in daily life.

  • Science and Technology Society
    • The course deals with interactions between science and technology and social, cultural, political, and economic contexts that shape and are shaped by them. (CMO No. 20, series of 2013)

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