Security Operations

Course Description

This course aims to provide the trainees the fundamentals of security operations and skill level related to operational security.

ENTRY COMPETENCIES of Participants (Prerequisites):

Any graduate of Engineering, Science, or any BS degree courses that has Information Technology units or anyone with experience on handling/managing ICT equipment.

Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the participant shall be able to:

  • Perform introductory computer and network forensics;
    • Introduction to digital forensics
    • Defining Digital Forensic Evidence
    • Collecting Evidence
    • Fundamentals of Microsoft Windows Forensics
    • Fundamentals of Linux Forensics
  • Understand the fundamentals of intrusion analysis;
    • Fundamentals of Intrusion Analysis
    • Review of Network Protocols
    • Common Artifact Elements and Source of Security Events
    • Using Packet Captures for Intrusion Analysis
    • Netflow
    • Using Netflow for Incident Response
    • Using Netflow for Data Leak Detection and Prevention
  • Grasp the underlining concepts of incident response and incident handling;
    • Introduction to Incident Response
    • Events and Incidents
    • Incident Response Plan and Process
    • Incident Response Teams and Frameworks
    • 5 Step Incident Handling Model by SANS
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