Supply Chain Management

Course Content

    COURSE 1: SCM101- Overview of the Supply Chain Management

  • This course provides participants an overview of the supply chain, its role, and functions in contributing to the overall value creation process; it takes on a conceptual approach in making participants appreciate the strategic importance of SCM in competitive positioning and differentiating a firm’s order fulfillment task in meeting market requirements and exceeding customer expectations.

  • COURSE 2: SCM102 - Forecasting

  • This course caps the introductory course on operations & supply chain management, providing with a tool-based approach; participants will learn both qualitative and quantitative techniques in forecasting, a first important step in operations & supply chain planning and decision-making.

  • COURSE 3: SCM103 - System Design

  • This course examines the fundamental concepts and techniques for operations design which includes product & process design, capacity requirements planning, facility location & layout, and aggregate production planning.

  • COURSE 4: SCM104 - System Operation

  • In this course, participants will gain an understanding of inventory models for dependent- and independent-demand items; production scheduling techniques for high-, intermediate- and low-volume operations; and quality concepts and approaches in ensuring consistency of meeting customer expectations.

  • COURSE 5: SCM105 - Warehouse Management

  • The focus of the course is discussion of the fundamentals of warehousing and application of warehouse management methods and systems in the supply chain.

  • COURSE 6: SCM106 - Logistics Operation

  • The course provides an understanding of the importance of material handling system in facilitating the effective and cost-efficient flow of goods and materials in the supply chain.

  • COURSE 7: SCM107 - System Improvement

  • This course enables participants to explore various system improvement approaches in value creation for both the customer and the firm; examines new concepts and techniques in operations improvement.

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