• Unix/Linux

    "Thank you very much for the fruitful linux training and well spent time."
    "Linux facilitator is excellent and very accommodating."
    "Wonderful excel training, very knowledgeable instructor!"
    "Nice linux instructor so many knowledge she added in the course and very approachable and energetic."

  • Excel

    "Easy to understand all the topics in excel that was discussed.
    See you in advance excel!"
    "Wonderful excel training, very knowledgeable instructor!"
    "The instructor was able to explain the excel course well. Kudos!"
    "Good Job!!! We learned a lot of a new things about Microsoft excel"
    "Good excel training to have and expectations were well achieved. Good Job!"
    "We enjoy the excel training and we are clearly understand the topics!"
    "Excited to attend another excel training to Mapua!"
    "Best excel training ever!"
    "Have attended other excel trainings but this is the most interesting and fun!"
    "Advance Excel is very useful in our field of work and task."
    "This Advance Excel is very useful since it will make our daily reports easier and faster."
    "Good facilitator in intermediate excel!"
    "Entertaining, innovative way of learning basic excel!"
    "I really enjoyed the advance excel course!"

  • Accounting

    "Accounting training is very interesting and candidly executed!"
    "Very useful for non-accountants!"
    "Very good speaker in Healthcare Accounting knows his topic very well."
    "The examples presented in Accounting are easy to understand."
    "Very helpful & interactive session in Responsibility Accounting!"
    "A very productive discussion and lively energetic speaker in Healthcare and Medical Accounting!"
    "The course explained the basics of accounting and the instructor show mastery on the subject. The examples presented are easy…"

  • Cisco

    "Great instructor in Cisco 3"
    "Our Cisco trainer exceeded my expectations in over-all package, I think I can already start looking for jobs related to…"

  • Office Productivity

    "Subject matter expert on office productivity. Instructor is very good. The course is very useful and engaging."

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